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Saving energy starts with your thermostat

Your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bill. So shouldn’t it help you save energy? The Nest Thermostat does. Since 2011, it’s saved over 4 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide. Because it learns from you. It gets to know the temperature that you like while you’re at home. And turns itself down when you’re away. It even learns how your home warms up or how draughty it is, so it only uses the energy it needs. There’s nothing to figure out, because it learns from you.

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The brighter way to save energy

The new Nest Learning Thermostat

A thinner, sleeker design. A bigger, sharper display. Hot water control. The 3rd­ generation Nest Thermostat is more beautiful than ever. With Farsight, it shows you the time or the temperature you‘ve set from across the room. And the Nest Thermostat can save you energy. That‘s the most beautiful part.




It only takes a week or so for the Nest Thermostat to program itself. Once done, it adapts to your routine and creates a personalised schedule based on the temperature changes you make.


Leave the house, and the Nest Thermostat can tell that you‘ve gone. When this happens, it‘ll automatically lower the temperature so you aren‘t heating an empty house.

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Remote Control

The best part of the Nest Thermostat is its accessibility and ease of use. Once it‘s connected to Wi-Fi, you can use the Nest app to control it directly from your phone or iPad.