Painting varnished wood sounds like an easy project that won’t take you more than a couple of paint coats. But in reality it’s amongst the trickiest painting jobs, and much can go wrong. Plus, there’s a lot of preparation around this task. Sorry if we discouraged your DIY enthusiasm atRead More

Some home improvement tasks are easier than others. And then, there are those which just sound easy, but in fact require skill and experience. Such is the example of drilling a hole in your tile without cracking it. Indeed, it’s a rather different task compared to drilling holes in wood.Read More

Fantastic's partnership with speciality coffee subscription company Blue Coffee Box brewed down a storm last year. So much so, that we're doing it again! This means that if you have a Fantastic account, you can now get £5 OFF luxury coffee (that's most of your first month's membership!).Read More

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How to Paint Varnished Wood [Everything You Need to Know]

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How to Drill Through Tiles Without Cracking Them


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