Controlling your home

Our range of smart home products and services help you take control of your home so you can make more time for things that matter

Make your home work seamlessly around you

Set the mood with Hive Lights, save energy with smart meters and turn on the heating from your phone with Hive Active Heating.

The Coles Family

See how the Coles family from Birmingham have created their perfect smart home with Hive.

The Loveridges Family

The Loveridge family use Hive products with Alexa to make life with a 15 month old a little simpler.


WWorried about monsters under the bed? 9 year old Eliza uses Hive Lights to make sure she gets a good night’s sleep.


Manage your heating and the temperature of your home with Hive Active Heating.

Got caught in the rain on your way home from work? Boost your heating so your home is nice and warm when you open the front door. Wake up in the morning and it's too cold to peel back the covers? Ask Alexa to turn up the heat for you!

Discover Hive Active Heating

Hive Welcome Home Plan

Hive products help you to connect your home and get it the way you like it - just tap the app or ask Alexa.

Set the mood with Hive Lights or put the kettle on from the comfort of your bed with a Hive Plug so it's ready when you get up. Whatever works for you.

Discover Hive Active Heating

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